Your Guide to visiting Restaurant Pedro Y Lola

Have you always dreamed of traveling in Spain to experience their culture and food? Are you craving for their cuisine? If so, you may want to read our blog first before planning to visit Spain. You see, you have to make sure that any Spain trip must include a gastronomic experience.

But you now, you do not actually have to travel that far to experience all Spanish things. This guide to Restaurant Pedro Y Lola focuses on what you can experience and what famous and recommended Spanish recipes you can eat here. If you are a tourist in Wisconsin, you can stop by at Restaurant Pedro Y Lola in Milwaukee. However, if you’re a local resident, it’s easy for you to find our Restaurant and dine. Nevertheless, you have to ensure the safety of your house first. Hire A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee, the trusted and respected garage specialist in the city to install or repair any problems you may encounter with your garage door.

My husband and I lived in Spain for over 8 years, we’ve worked hard, we’ve learned to cook Spanish recipes perfectly. We’ve enjoyed our stay there, experienced many times the Spanish traditions like the siesta, and shopping at local markets. After all these, we finally made a choice. Spain has a food travel scene that draws us. So my husband and I moved back to Wisconsin, well Milwaukee to be exact, to establish a restaurant. We wanted to build our future with a tribute to our homeland so we gathered all our knowledge, skills, passion and interests in culture and food in Spain and brought it to Milwaukee.

Upon entering Restaurant Pedro Y Lola, you will feel immediately the welcoming atmosphere You will notice that you are spending most of your time hanging around at our mini-museum featuring our collection of valuable things we’ve bought while we were in Spain. You’re going to be mesmerized exploring all of our art.

Restaurant Pedro Y Lola is a traditional Spanish restaurant that meets the modern high-end dining scene like no other. Alongside traditional Spanish cuisine, you will also get to experience our culture while dining with us. To top it off, there is a wide selection of amazing Spanish wine coming from the winemakers in the region of Spain where centuries-old vineyards are introducing a wine renaissance.

Are you in the mood for wine and cocktails?  Sweet and treats? Authentic Spanish cuisine? If you will say Wisconsin, you might think first about their craft beers and many other specialties but don’t miss out the Restaurant Pedro Y Lola, the popular Milwaukee spot serving up Spanish wine, creative cocktails, authentic Spanish cuisine and mini-museum where you can think and feel that you’re in Spain.

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