DIY Garage Door Repairs

Garage door is used to perform simply two functions that are to open and close. One day, it might stop working suddenly. The basic garage door problems you often encounter with your garage door are very simple to handle. Luckily, most problems with the garage door can be easily treated without the assistance of a professional technician. There are plenty of garage door businesses including Quality Garage Door Repair companies that offer high-quality services at very affordable rates.

DIY garage door repair techniques

Quick fixes: if your garage door is getting stuck while opening or closing or it does not perform, as usual, it is time to perform some sort of maintenance. You will have to inspect the garage door tracks, rollers, brackets and panels thoroughly to find out any loose spots and signs of premature aging and damages. Have not you washed the garage door for months and it looks dusty and ugly, take some washing liquid to clean a garage door, and then lubricate the tracks. It will help you to get back your garage door in a good running position. If this trick does not work, consult with a garage door professional immediately.

Check the garage door noises: traditional garage doors made creaking or louder noises, alerting your neighborhood that you have reached home. This problem can easily be treated by just cleaning and lubricating the garage door tracks and planes. All the moving parts of the garage door should be treated every 6 months. You will have to spend some time to clean and lubricate the garage door especially before the arrival of the winter season.

Inspect the jammed garage door: do you realize that your garage door has become a solid block of ice and cannot move further. Cold weather and freezing could be the reason behind this. The wooden garage door swells due to the moisture during the winter season and can be caused to frozen garage door tracks. The best solution is to increase the temperature level for about 30 minutes to set the garage door and its tracks as well. The excessive heat will work to dry the moisture. If you don’t have any heating equipment in your garage, you can use the vacuum cleaner or blower to do this work. After completing the job, clean the melted water that has collected under the garage door.

Check the safety features of the garage door: every once in a while, you will have to check all the safety features to make sure that they are working properly. Modern garage doors come with cutting edge technology for enhanced safety and security features including sensors and alarms. They will be activated during opening and closing operations that cannot be breached. If these safety features are not performing well, the garage door itself will not work.

Routine inspection of garage door opener: are you using voice recognition, vision recognition, or remote control technologies for your garage door. Sometimes, your garage door refuses to operate; it means that the garage door opener may culprit. You will have to inspect the garage door opener regularly to make sure it will work smoothly especially when you have not used the garage door for a long time. To deal with these critical situations, you will have to contact with professional assistance.

NOTE: don’t attempt the garage door springs or tracks replacement on your own because the garage door is a very complex and risk device. Garage door repair or replacement is not a do-it-yourself type of job.  It wise to call a professional garage door repair company for safe and valuable results.